Hold Instagram Contests to Increase Followers

Do you own a business? Are you confused as to how to increase your popularity and sales? Then it’s time you sign up for Instagram.

However, your Instagram account will be of no use of you have only a handful number of followers. The idea behind more number of followers is very simple, the more the followers, the more your posts will become popular. It will also enhance the online reputation of your company.

There are several of effective ways to increase instagram followers. One of the effective methods of increasing followers is to hold contests. You might be feel skeptic about spending money in order to offer free gifts but the truth is that it is bring huge profit in the long run. It will generate engagement and enable you to have more followers.

If you aren’t aware of the means to make your contest a success then follows these tips carefully.

Give Out Amazing Prizes

Prizes are the most important aspect of a contest. It is the prize that will attract people to register for the contest and follow your account. Thus, you need to make sure that the prize that you choose will make your target audience content and happy. You should offer your own products as a prize. These way followers who haven’t purchased your product will get an opportunity to try it out.

Select an Entry Deadline

You need to give people enough time to enter the contest so that the contest gains momentum. The time frame should be based on the number of prizes you want to give out to the customers.

Select a Theme

Choose a theme, people need to know the kind of photos they have to click and post. Also make sure that you have the necessary hashtag for the contest. Ganga River Pollution Case

These tips will enable you to get hold the contest, successfully and, thereby, obtain more followers. This, in turn, pushes your business up the ladder of success.

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